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The CoaliWFA Logotion continues to work on gathering signatures for the Workplace Freedom Amendment.  Contact us to sign the petition or to be a circulator.

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What is the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment?

The Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment guarantees Ohioans have a choice in whether or not they join a labor union and pay dues or fees at their place of work as a condition of employment.

Workplace freedom is about choice – the choice to join a union, and the choice to not join a union.

Workplace freedom guarantees that decision is left to each individual’s personal preference, and insures that no one is forced to join a union against their will or pay union dues or fees just to have a job.

Unfortunately, Ohio is currently a “forced union” state. That means – if a workplace is unionized, in order to have a job at that place of business, you can be forced to pay union dues or fees just to have a job.

What DOESN’T the Workplace Freedom Amendment do?

The Workplace Freedom Amendment

  • DOES NOT end unions or forbid any union contract provisions other than forced dues or fees
  • DOES NOT prevent unions from forming
  • DOES NOT prevent anyone from joining a union
  • DOES NOT apply to employees of the federal government (per federal law)

It takes just one minute – read the amendment for yourself HERE.

Why would we want to make Ohio a Workplace Freedom state?

1. Personal Freedom:  Choice should be protected for all Ohioans. No one should be forced to join a union or pay dues or fees against their will just to have a job. Freedom has no singular owner, nor should it. In guaranteeing workers their freedom of choice, we are protecting individual freedoms for all Ohioans.

2. Economic Growth:  Workplace Freedom means – more job growth, increasing wages and more opportunities for everyone! See more on economic growth of workplace freedom states HERE.

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